Vehicle Safety & Security

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Back-up Cameras
Every vehicle has a rear blind zone—the area you can’t see from the driver’s seat. And that zone in the rear is bigger than you might think, ranging from about 25 feet for a minivan to 50 feet for some pickup trucks–plenty of space for an unwary child to be in harm’s way. Also it’s a common upgrade for vehicles towing trailers & cargo.

Parking Sensors
Protect your car when backing up with parking sensors designed to help you avoid unseen objects. We offer several solutions that when installed by our professional technicians, the fit & finish will match the factory appearance of the vehicle.

LED & HID Lighting
The latest technology in HID lighting & LED technology is now available in the aftermarket world. From off-road vehicles, custom cars & UTV vehicles we have solutions for you! Stop by today & talk to the experts about the solutions we offer!

​When your security system goes off, it makes sense to let you know it’s going off right? We offer alarm remotes that operate at long distances with two way communication. For full notification there are even apps for your phone that will allow you to monitor and interact with the system from anywhere!


We use security systems to protect the vehicle and it’s contents.  Basic systems include a shock sensor and door monitoring. We often recommend glass break and digital tilt sensors to increase effectiveness.

We don’t have harsh winters here Florida, but we can all agree the summers are brutal. Having remote start on your vehicle allows you to run the air conditioning and cool the vehicle before you even get in. We also offer passive keyless entry which unlocks the doors without having to search for your keys or drop your groceries!