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Sometimes you just want something unique and sometimes it’s about elegantly fitting a square peg in a round hole! Whatever the reason, we pay special attention to every detail in the pieces we build. We strive to make the part look as if the manufacturer intended it to be there. With over 25 years of experience, Sound Decisions is a company comprised of true auto enthusiast who have been specializing in Auto Security, Custom Sound Systems, Navigation, Video, GPS Tracking Devices, Electrical Troubleshoot, Tinting, Wheels and Tires, Remote Starters, Cars and Truck Accessories, Chrome moldings, Vinyl Graphics, and much much more. We look to exemplify our craftsmanship into every project we touch, producing highly personalized vehicles for our clients’ wildest desires, passions, and ideas no matter how out of the realm they maybe to finding the perfect balance between form and function. 

Sound Decisions in Crystal River, Florida has the tools and expertise to make the improbable possible!