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       CAR AUDIO


With modern technologies and the use of satellite we can now enjoy hundreds of channels of uninterrupted music of various genres streamed anywhere around the world. 
Satellite also offers the streaming of video programming and just like the satellite tv in your home it offers the same quality streamed straight to your vehicle while driving at high speeds in many different environments.
This is a great addition for parents with children who love their satellite TV.

Mobile office design encompasses many different factors to accommodate those with extremely busy lifestyles and schedules or who simply want to enjoy the more luxurious side of commuting. 
Traditionally what mobile office solutions has lent it's hand to was comfort and the ability to allow executives and celebrities along with their entourage the access to high speed internet, airplane style recliner seats with built in trays and cell phone chargers, wine & beverage refrigerators, large screens and other furnishings typically associated with an in office or at home experience.
Many of our clients bring us large SUV's which are generally chauffeured. Essentially what Sound Decisions & Performance does is build a "Limo" style experience often likened to that on private boats and airplanes

There are a few good reasons to have a rear video entertainment system installed in your vehicle. The most common we come across is for children, having their favorite shows, movies and or video games is a great way to ensure a quiet ride and to keep their attention on long trips. 
Another is from a corporate standpoint it's great for staying on top of current events, stock markets and seeing power-points along with other visual aids needed for your next meetings and presentations.

Car Audio
Your car audio system can make a huge difference in the quality of your driving experience--so why settle for anything but the best! If you're thinking about upgrading your vehicle's car stereo, you've come to the right place. Sound Decisions & Performance has a huge selection of car audio video components, and we can help match you to the equipment you need to get the sound you want. When it's time to get the most out of your ride, it's time to call the car audio electronics professionals at Sound Decisions!

With a large variety of speakers, tweeters, woofers, amps, decks, and more, the options are virtually endless. The professionals at Sound Decisions & Performance can work with you to custom configure a setup that gets you the sound, performance, and even look you want. We can even add satellite radio or iPod integration to your new car audio system, so no matter what your listening style or your specific needs, we can help you get all of the car audio video components you need for awesome sound. And with our experienced mobile electronics installers, we can provide you with top-quality installation as well, making it convenient and easy to get the car stereo system of your dreams. Let us help you get the most out of your car with an aftermarket car audio system.

Custom Car Audio Installation
At Sound Decisions & Performance, we understand that you want your car audio system to look as great as it sounds. That's why we're pleased to offer complete custom installation on all of our car audio electronics. Specializing in both exotic and factory-look installations, we can help customize your car audio video system to suit your needs and your personality, no matter what your style. Combining complete, correct installation workmanship and beautiful custom designs, Sound Decisions has more than 25 years of experience in the mobile electronics field--and it shows! From custom fabrication and enclosures to custom lighting and dashes, we can help your car stereo system look and sound spectacular. Whether you're simply upgrading your car audio deck or are going all-out with speakers, subs, car video, and more, we can bring you the quality custom installation you deserve. Have questions about our custom car audio installation options? Just give us a call or send us an e-mail and we'd be happy to help.

Add a Subwoofer

Adding a subwoofer to your vehicle can enhance your overall performance & increase the pleasure of your audio system. Most consumers think subwoofers are mean’t to annoy your neighbors, but in reality it’s a vital part of the audio spectrum. Almost every home theater system utilizes a subwoofer! Imagine watching your favorite action movie without it??It’s would not be as enjoyable! In the vehicle, our goal is to blend the subwoofer, not overpower the entire system.

Add a Amplifier

Adding a amplifier to your vehicle will not only increase the output of the system, but provide overall better sound quality at all volume levels. We offer a wide variety of amplifiers that offer many levels of performance to match your budget & your goals for your upgraded sound system. Stop by today & talk to the professionals on what amplifier solutions will work best for you!

Radio Replacement

Most vehicles on the road today lack many features our customers are looking for. Using the latest technology driven products on the market, we have replacement radios for your vehicle that include features such as built in navigation, hands-free bluetooth, HD Radio, Iphone connectivity, back-up camera’s, DVD Playback & much more!

Speaker Upgrade

Speaker replacement is also the single most cost-effective car stereo upgrade you can perform. We have a wide selection of replacement speakers from the entry level to world championship audiophile sound quality systems. At every price point, we provide the best value per dollar for our customers. Stop by today & talk to the professionals at Sound Decisions & Performance.